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The Invested Investor 2018 year end edition

In this edition we cant offer you the full turkey dinner with all the trimmings but we can bring you some seasonal cheer with our 2018 year end special edition. This podcast brings together a collection of serial entrepreneurs and seasoned invested investors, it focuses on some of our highlights from 2018. You can hear more by listening to the podcast…

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Capital is as important as the idea

Dr Victor Christou follows on from part one of his podcast, he tells his story beyond Opsys and discusses his philosophy behind investments made today. Victor spent time at Oxford Capital Partners and later at Wellington Partners before embarking on his future at Cambridge Innovation Capital. He manages a fine balance between his entrepreneur and the investment, by engaging in a necessary mix of support and scepticism. You can hear more by listening to his podcast…

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My journey to failure, learning to choose expertise over money

Carlos Diniz is a fantastic example of an entrepreneur learning from their ups and downs. This podcast tells the story of O Meu Dentista, which was the largest dentist franchise in Portugal. The company grew fast, with upwards of €11 million in sales at its peak, however a number of deciding factors led to its closure. Carlos has learnt a incredibly large amount about hiring the right people, Invested Investors and growing pains of a successful start-up. This story is a hugely useful tool for any entrepreneur looking to grow their business, and Carlos is an inspirational figure that now helps businesses learn from his O Meu Dentista journey.

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Andy Phillipps: Active Hotels, via, to Angel Investing PART ONE

Excitingly, Invested Investor Andy Phillipps joined Peter Cowley for a two part podcast. In part one, Andy explains how he established the hotel booking company, Active Hotels, alongside his co-founder and cousin Adrian Critchlow. Active Hotels grew rapidly, bought by Priceline and merged with Bookings BV to become Andy's business model transformed the UK online hotel market and continues to lead global trends. Having successfully exited to Priceline, Andy describes how he approached the topic of aquisition, and then how he apporached the acquirers. Part two follows his transition into Angel Investing, what he learnt and his top tips for those looking to become Invested Investors.

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Richard Lucas: British Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor in Poland

In this podcast, Richard Lucas describes how he has been promoting entrepreneurship 1991 and angel investing since the early 1990's. This episode focuses on Richard's advice and tips to entrepreneurs and angel investors, whilst endorsing the three T's to his businesses (Team, Traction and Technology). Within the podcast, Richard recounts his most memorable bad business experience, which involved a potential investor opening a briefcase filled with $30,000 in cash and a gun. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as subscribing to our regular podcasts on iTunes and SoundCloud.

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Alex Schey: A journey from the Pan-American highway to hybrid buses

Alex Schey co-founded Vantage Power. Peter and Alex chat about how Vantage Power took shape, the importance of a business plan and much more. 

Vantage power designs and manufactures technology used in hybrid powertrains for new buses, as well as a retrofit solution for buses already on the road. Vantage Power's most recent award came in the form of the 'Most Distruptive Tech' at the UK British Angels Assocation awards 2017.


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