Start-up Spotlight with Meganne Houghton-Berry

Meganne Houghton-Berry, the current UK Business Angel Association Angel of the Year, discloses her experience and her reasons for becoming an angel investor. Meganne is an active angel investor, board director and start-up mentor and has over 25 years’ experience in tech and consumer marketing and now invests across a wide range of industry sectors.  

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Invested Investor Thoughts: There is light at the end of the funnel

This article is a short insight in to Peter Cowley's thoughts on processing the investor funnel. He references Jack Lang, and states that he invests in people and whether the company can identify itself as ‘a global, sustainable under-served (or unmet) market need’.

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Spin hating, honesty loving, thrills of learning, UKBAA Angel of the Year

Rajat Malhotra is a seasoned Invested Investor, which was recognised by the UK Business Angels Association in 2013 as he won their prestigious Angel of the Year award. In this podcast with The Invested Investor, Rajat expressed to Peter Cowley about the thrill of learning from the bottom up, the phenomenal people he meets and the marvellous ideas that stem from start-ups. His experience has taught him so many lessons including predicting positives not negatives and investing in where your expertise is. 

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Altruistic, enterprising, human genomic data expert, Repositive CEO

Fiona Nielsen has applied her genetic disease research expertise into two notably successful organisations. First came DNAdigest, a non-profit educator, facilitator and engagee on issues regarding access to genomic data. She then realised that to get funding she needed to create a social enterprise. In this podcast Fiona expresses her reasons for founding Repositive, why she has chosen her board so meticulously, and that if you can't take a no, then don't start a company!

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Tech transfer, supporting Cambridge University start-up spin outs

In our first themed podcast, Dr Anne Dobree, of Cambridge Enterprise, outlines the importance of mentoring start-ups that have spun out of universities and that it is paramount to back the business rather than max the investment.

Anne has worked in University technology commercialisation since 1999. Anne first joined the technology transfer team at the University of Cambridge in 2001, and has held a number of roles with Cambridge Enterprise and its predecessors including Head of Technology Transfer and Interim Director.

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Start-up Spotlight with Peter Cowley

Peter is passionate about increasing the success rate for early investors and entrepreneurs by sharing the success and war stories from those who have done it before. The Invested Investor Project was set up to achieve this aim.

For more information listen him explaining all about the project here.

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First-rate tips from two decades of angel investing, transparent take-away

Simon Blakey reveals his top tips to Invested Investors and entrepreneurs in a fascinating podcast with Peter Cowley. Simon has been a full-time and hands-on business angel investor into early-stage businesses since 2000, having previously trained as a biochemist and management accountant before getting into property development. He works with his brother Michael under the Avonmore Developments umbrella ( where he’s in charge of Avonmore’s operations, deal negotiations and ongoing support of the UK early-stage investments. Two decades of angel investing has resulted in an abundance of knowledge that Simon has built up, all of which you can listen to in his podcast. 

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Invested Investor Thoughts: How entrepreneurs should approach Invested Investors

The follow article is a short insight in to Peter Cowley's thoughts on how entrepreneurs should approach investors, which will form part of The Invested Investor book. He talks through how first impressions are paramount to the success of a relationship between entrepreneurs and Invested Investors. Therefore, if an entrepreneur is targeting a specific Invested Investor, they should do a great deal of research on that investor before approaching them. This will help to save the entrepreneur time and effort, as well as the investors too. 

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Quintus Liu: Healthera, breaking down barriers between patients and pharmacies

In this episode of The Invested Investor, we find out that Quintus Liu believes building a team is the hardest part of a start-up journey. Quintus is the founder of Healthera, a healthcare technology company based in Cambridge.

Quintus and Peter discuss how hard it has been to penetrate the UK pharmaceutical market. However, advice and mentoring from the Healthera board have helped them with the challenge. 

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