The Invested Investor 

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Peter Cowley

Peter Cowley, a Cambridge university technology graduate, founded and ran over 10 businesses in technology and property over the last 35+ years.  He has built up a portfolio of over 60 angel investments with 3 good exits and several failures. He was UK Angel of the Year 2014/15.  He has mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs and is on the board of seven startups.  He is chair of the Cambridge Angels and is a fellow in Entrepreneurship at the Judge Management School in Cambridge. 

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Alan Cowley

Alan is a co-founder of the Invested Investor. A start-up helping start-ups, the Invested Investor is utilising people’s experiences to educate others. He has an unrivalled passion for the company, not simply because it is a family run venture, but because from his own experiences he knows all too well that learning from mistakes leads to greater success and honesty is paramount in any relationship. His varied background consists of ski instructing to FMCG market research, via exploratory gold mining.

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Soraya Jones

Soraya Jones is involved in the communications and partnership aspects of the Invested Investor initiative, a project she is passionate about because she believes in the value of the ‘Invested Investor’. After many years as part of the senior leadership team of Tribal Technology (part of Tribal Group Plc), Soraya became the CEO of Cambridge Wireless (CW) from 2007 to 2015, where she was successful in growing the business from a one-person company to a membership cluster of over  425 companies  and 20 industry-focused Special Interest Groups. Born in Malaysia, Soraya has a PhD from the University of Cambridge.

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Mark cotton

Mark is a Podcast Producer and musician. After a 20 year career in IT he wanted a complete change and turned to his first love, audio production. He produces The Bletchley Park Podcast and his work has featured on both national & international BBC Radio. Mark says “What drew me to work with Peter was his absolute honesty. He wants to help investors by telling them of all the up’s and down’s of the journey".