The Invested Investor 2018 year end edition

In this edition we cant offer you the full turkey dinner with all the trimmings but we can bring you some seasonal cheer with our 2018 year end special edition. This podcast brings together a collection of serial entrepreneurs and seasoned invested investors, it focuses on some of our highlights from 2018 including an entertaining story from Priya Lakhani of Masala Masala and more recently Century Tech, Neil Garner from Proxama and Thyngs and Shirin Dehghan from Ariesco and Frog Capital. William Makant and Yusuf Muhammad who created Plumis, talk about their first premesis on a ship and the serial investor Richard Lucas recalls an exraordinary story involving thirty thousand pounds cash, a briefcase and a gun! Ramona Liberoff warns not to run out of funds especially if you are too early to market and Jonathon Milner founder of Abcan PLC celebrates its twentieth year and if thats not enough, you can hear valuable, words of wisdom from Andy Philips of fame…You can hear more by listening to the podcast…

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Produced by Mark Cotton, Twitter.