My journey to failure, learning to choose expertise over money

Carlos Diniz is a fantastic example of an entrepreneur learning from their ups and downs. This podcast tells the story of O Meu Dentista, which was the largest dentist franchise in Portugal. The company grew fast, with upwards of €11 million in sales at its peak, however a number of deciding factors led to its closure. Carlos has learnt a incredibly large amount about hiring the right people, Invested Investors and growing pains of a successful start-up. This story is a hugely useful tool for any entrepreneur looking to grow their business, and Carlos is an inspirational figure that now helps businesses learn from his O Meu Dentista journey.

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After graduation Carlos began working life in the Marketing Department of a major Portuguese bank. He quickly found his calling in the dental industry, due to one of his best friend’s sister being a dentist. Founding O Meu Dentista in 2008, Carlos rapidly grew the company. He has made his first €million in sales by the age of 25, raised his first million in funding by 28.

His company quickly grew to 22 clinics, 300 employees and €11 million in sales. Today he is a healthcare board adviser for a number of leading companies in Portugal, using his business experience to help start-ups learn from his successes and failures. Additional to all this, he is developing a highly sophisticated Clinical Software CRM.

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