Richard Lucas: British Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor in Poland

In our latest podcast, Richard Lucas describes how he has been an entrepreneur since 1991 and angel investing since the early 1990's. This episode focuses on Richard's advice and tips to entrepreneurs and angel investors, whilst endorsing the three T's to his businesses (Team, Traction and Technology). Within the podcast, Richard recounts his most memorable bad business experience, which involved a potential investor opening a briefcase filled with $30,000 in cash and a gun. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as subscribing to our regular podcasts on iTunes and SoundCloud.

Richard Lucas is a business and social entrepreneur based in Kraków, Poland. He supports the existing businesses he has invested in and/or led - which in all have over 500 employees in Europe, the USA and Asia and invests in new companies from time to time.

The companies are listed on his Linkedin profile.  He founded Cambentrepreneurs to support entrepreneurship among the students and alumni of Cambridge University worldwide, and actively supports the pro- enterprise eco-system, mainly in the UK and Poland, with initiatives like Krakow Enterprise Mondays, Open Coffee Krakow, the Project Kazimierz podcast and the blog.

He is active in the TED and TEDx Community, holding the Licence for TEDxKazimierz. He is responsible for the global Wojtek the Soldier Bear initiative about which he gave a TEDxKrakow talk, and led the project to put a statue in Park Jordana in Krakow.

He is one of the co- founders of Krakow Standup Comedy, and was part of Free Festival at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2017. He is a speaker and MC/host at events with a primary focus on entrepreneurship and leadership. He was granted Polish citizenship in 2017 and received a Pro Memoria medal from "Urząd do Spraw Kombatantów i Osób Represjonowanych" for his "Wojtek the Soldier Bear" project from Krzysztof Strzałka, Polish Consul General in Milan.

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