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Targeting big impact deep tech

In part two we continue William Tunstall-Pedoe’s journey. William discusses his exit from Amazon, his involvement with Toronto based incubator, Creative Destructive Lab and what drove him to be a successful invested investor with over 50 investments with Cambridge Angels and Octopus Investments. He offers us an insight into his passion for big impact, deep tech. You can hear more by listening to his podcast …

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Capital is as important as the idea

Dr Victor Christou follows on from part one of his podcast, he tells his story beyond Opsys and discusses his philosophy behind investments made today. Victor spent time at Oxford Capital Partners and later at Wellington Partners before embarking on his future at Cambridge Innovation Capital. He manages a fine balance between his entrepreneur and the investment, by engaging in a necessary mix of support and scepticism. You can hear more by listening to his podcast…

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