Multi-billion pound funding for innovation and what the UK Government is looking to invest in

Nigel Walker is Head of Innovation Lending at Innovate UK, and is constantly helping new and creative ideas flourish. Nigel is responsible for Access to Finance, where he continuously comes across cutting edge businesses in a variety of sectors. Because of this, he has played a role in many businesses that have been featured on Invested Investor, and guided them and many more to success. In this podcast Nigel talks about how he helps businesses of all scales, how to obtain funding, and the four sectors the Government is keen to invest in.

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Nigel is part of the team delivering Innovate UK’s £50m innovation loans pilot programme. He is a director and member of the credit committee of Innovate UK Loans Ltd.  Prior to this role, he headed the organisation’s support for innovative SMEs in gaining access to private sector capital to accelerate the journey from concept to commercialisation.

Nigel has a background in the financial services industry, having spent over 10 years at each of Deutsche Bank and GE Capital.  At GE, he established the European ‘Access GE’ programme, advising, coaching and mentoring management teams of businesses owned by private equity firms on operational excellence, acquisition integration, strategy development and leadership.

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Innovate UK Loans - Innovate UK’s loan programme for SMEs involved in late-stage innovation projects.