Innovating new value chains, coaching global corporates and the five P’s

Andrew Gaule has a reputation for innovating within corporates. In this podcast we hear how it started during the dotcom boom when he was studying at Henley Business School and saw the potential for selling online. He wrote an MBA paper on the topic, which rewarded him with his worst mark. Andrew wasn’t shaken however and using his entrepreneurial spirit started Henley Incubator in 2000, and the rest is history. Since then Andrew has gone on to help corporates by introducing them to open innovation and its benefits, as well as being heavily involved in venture capital.

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Throughout Andrew’s career he has been implementing technology and business change. He has been a senior Commercial and business manager in Unilever and part of the ‘future leader program’. From the late 1990s Andrew has been leading innovation and strategic change projects with global corporate venture units, advising on spin outs, investments and partnerships.

Andrew has been the founder and leader of a number of businesses in tech change, corporate venturing, new online travel products and new retail propositions. He has worked and travelled extensively in China and USA, as well as being based in Europe.

Andrew’s latest book is ‘Purpose to Performance – Innovative New Value Chains’. Testimonials and reviews of the book from board members of leading global organisations are on Amazon.

Andrew is also an early stage investor in a number of tech start ups. Andrew has an economics degree from St John’s College, Cambridge, is a qualified chartered management accountant and gained his MBA at Henley Business School. He is visiting fellow and Chair of the Business and Technology SIG at Henley Business School.

Andrew is a husband and proud dad of two daughters. 

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