Pioneering founder who is unlocking the full potential of the multi-billion pound digital jewellery industry

Dominic Hill was on a six-figure salary and the director of a multi-million pound jewellery wholesaler. However, he left this coveted position because his learning had slowed and saw that the future of the industry was digital. Dominic joined an ambitious start-up but soon realised it wasn't a good fit, so started his own business, Atelier Technology. It was a very hard beginning, with angry investors and a shoestring budget, but he has persevered and the business is now the talking point of an old-fashioned industry. In this podcast, Dominic talks about his decision to leave a comfortable job, and the risk of the unknown. His drive stems from his desire to see the jewellery industry digitise and his many well selected mentors and advisers.

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Dominic Hill is by his own description a natural born contrarian. Entrepreneurial life started early whilst running a highly profitable fantasy football league at school in order to fuel a passion for purchasing rare vinyl and underground music. In his twenties this passion would develop into a globally recognised niche music business, that eventually succumbed to the advent of the internet and the mp3 after the turn of the millennium. He self funded, directed and produced a documentary film called (Surviving Terminal Cancer) in the field of neuro-oncology that premiered at the Lincoln Centre in New York and the BFI in London. The film would be recognised by Lindau-Nobel and has gone on to be translated into 6 languages, amid widespread acclaim amongst the patient population facing terminal diagnosis. All the while he was honing his craft in the jewellery industry and building software, eventually leading to the launch of Atelier Technology, a London based start-up trying to redefine a giant but antiquated industry.

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