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Keiron Sparrowhawk MedTech expert, founder and CEO of MyCognition joins us this week. He explains his personal connection to his early work within pharmaceuticals with Wellcome and GSK. He tells us how his disruptive thinking lead him into entrepreneurship and how his first venture PriceSpective resulted in a fantastic exit, which enabled him to concentrate on himself and subsequently create MyCognition.

Keiron explains how his vision for the cognitive fitness game and app described as “physiotherapy for the brain” is set to distrupt the medical industry, and how the inspiration came from his desire to improve the quality of life of people suffering, often silently with diminished cognitive function. His passion shines through when he describes how this development could shape the way in which society as a whole considers and deals with mental health and cognitive fitness.

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Keiron became an entrepreneur late in life, after a successful 27-year career in the pharmaceutical industry. However, at the age of 45, in 2003 he made up for lost time and cofounded and built PriceSpective, a value consulting agency, which he sold for $60 million in 2012. PriceSpective was the most successful pharma market access consultancy of its time, reaching global sales of $25M. Keiron ran the largest office, London, where he had a team of 34 people from over 20 nationalities. Many of his team have gone on to build their own companies or achieve professional success in other organisations.

 Having been very successful at developing medical products for others, Keiron decided to put his expertise into his own organisation. He founded and funded (to over £5 million) MyCognition, developing digital applications to monitor, strengthen and consolidate cognitive fitness. These are accredited as medical devices and have been clinically validated and approved by the NHS and reviewed and commended by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, helping people of all ages and health states have healthier, more productive lives through the prevention and treatment of mental illness. Keiron’s inspiration came from his own personal battles with mental illness and his wish to help others avoid what he went through.

 Keiron is the author of “Executive Function, cognitive fitness for business”. He sits on several healthcare / personal development company boards. He is an acknowledged global medical product expert and a part time lecturer at Cambridge University.

 Keiron has two children, a grandchild, and lives and works in London.

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