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Christopher Mirabile, the Boston based Chair Emeritus of the Angel Capital Association, co-founder of Seraf and Managing Director of Launchpad Venture Group joins us this week with his incredible story. Christopher takes us from his early days in law and explains how he arrived in the venture, start-up and entrepreneurial space. His vast knowledge makes for an entertaining listen as he discusses what excites him and what pains him about angel investing. Christopher provides the key characteristics of a start-up by saying “A classic start-up consists of a team that’s never done it before, creating technology that’s never existed before, to serve a market that doesn’t exist yet, what could possibly go wrong?”

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Christopher Mirabile is the Chair Emeritus and Public Policy Chair of the Angel Capital Association and the co-founder of portfolio management tool He is also co-Managing Director of Launchpad Venture Group, a Boston-based venture investment group focused on seed and early-stage investments in technology-oriented companies. Launchpad is the top-three ranked group in the U.S. As a full-time angel investor and an active member of the Boston-area angel investing community. In addition to his Launchpad work, Christopher has personally invested in 68 start-up companies. He was named one of the "Top Angel Investors in New England" by Xconomy and one of "Boston's Most Helpful Investors" in an entrepreneur survey by Companyon Ventures. Christopher is a columnist for, an adjunct lecturer in the MBA program at Babson's Olin School of Business, a member of the board of advisors of The Capital Network, a regular advisor and mentor to start-ups, and a frequent panellist and speaker. He is a member of the Board of Directors or Board of Advisors of numerous start-up companies and non-profits. Christopher has served as a public company CFO and General Counsel with IONA Technologies PLC, a corporate and securities lawyer with Testa Hurwitz & Thibeault and as a management consultant with Price Waterhouse's Strategic Consulting Group.

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Seraf - “We’ve invested in early stage companies for a long time, through economic good times and bad, and done enough deals to know that it requires patience and active portfolio management to be successful.”

Launchpad Venture Group- “Launchpad Venture Group is a nationally-recognized leader among angel networks in providing human and financial capital to help entrepreneurs build successful companies. Our members represent a cohesive network of talented professionals who are active angel investors committed to our culture of learning, service-orientation, mutual responsibility and respect. We develop and deploy best-in-class processes and strive for diversity across our membership and our investment portfolio.”

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