Breaking down barriers between patients and pharmacies

3rd April 2018, Cambridge – The Invested Investor helps increase the success rate for entrepreneurs by sharing stories from those who have done it. The enterprise has announced its latest podcast interview, focusing on the challenges and triumphs faced by the Founder CEO of Healthera Ltd, Quintus Liu. He founded Healthera with two classmates during his final year at Cambridge University in 2015, out of an idea to get patients to safely take their medicines on time. Since then, Healthera has raised £2 million of funding from investors and government contracts, and released a ground breaking platform that connects tens of thousands of patients and hundreds of pharmacies around the UK and Ireland.

Healthera is a user-friendly app that reminds patients to take their medicines on time. When their medicines run low, they can use the app to reorder their medicines with a tap from a Healthera-empowered pharmacy. To further take control of their health, patients can locate clinical services offered by pharmacies nearby and book them through the app. Healthera is currently deployed at over 100 pharmacies and serves thousands of patients across the UK.

When asked by Peter Cowley, the inspiration behind the Invested Investor and also a serial investor and entrepreneur himself, about the challenges of starting a company, Liu said ‘Hiring and firing is the most difficult part of the journey. When you are a small company and nobody knows you, you have low credibility, and it is difficult to attract good engineers. You have to attract them with equity or the vision. Then once you have someone who knows more than you, how do you manage them? The key thing is to give them the flexibility to be creative, but follow some guidelines’

‘Will you be raising more money?’ asked Cowley further. ‘We feel we are in a space of rapid development and progression, and where the models are proposed by our own partners, so we will need to raise Series A to implement the new models and we will be doing it outside of the UK’ replied Liu.

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