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Invested Investor Thoughts: Calling it quits, from an entrepreneur and investor perspective

From experience, even on a successful exit, founders find it tough – not just the stress of the process but what to do afterwards – having a boss for the first time in years or leaving immediately or soon into unemployment (albeit with some cash). 

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Invested Investor Thoughts: Entrepreneurialism, is it nature or nurture?

This month’s Invested Investor thoughts focuses on whether you are born an entrepreneur or you develop into one. Peter Cowley explores his thoughts around the topic, delving into his own experiences to understand whether it was nature or nurture that led to the launch of his 14 start-ups…

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Invested Investor Thoughts: Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash is reality

Peter Cowley founded Camdata, an electronic engineering, product design and turnkey development company, in 1984. To date, Camdata has delivered over 17,000 products and revenue of more than £16 million. Now a tech entrepreneur, angel investor and speaker…

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