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A telecommunications success story, and a chance for Manchester

Neil McArthur sold potatoes door-to-door as a child in Salford. Then, with his engineering background and his own capital, he set up the business that would later become TalkTalk. In this episode of The Invested Investor, Neil revisits the deals, false starts, and market choices that led to his success in the telecommunications field. He still works for TalkTalk, but spends most of his time working to improve his home city's entrepreneurial ecosystem. In the second half of the podcast he explains how much Manchester has going on beneath the surface in technology and enterprise, and how the narrative needs to catch up to reality.

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Pivoting to success

William Makant and Yusuf Muhammad founded Plumis in 2008 to develop Automist, an innovative sprinkler system. A decade later Plumis has a £2 million turnover and Automist is installed in 5,000 homes - but everything about it is different, from the product itself to the people involved. The secret to their success? Being able to pivot, to change strategy by learning about a market's key drivers. In this podcast William and Yusuf describe their journey, and the how and the why of their dramatic course change. They outline the pros and cons of working with Angel Investors, and describe how raising more money at the start might have made the company less successful. 

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Start-up Spotlight with Peter Cowley

Peter is passionate about increasing the success rate for early investors and entrepreneurs by sharing the success and war stories from those who have done it before. The Invested Investor Project was set up to achieve this aim.

For more information listen him explaining all about the project here.

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Goncalo de Vasconcelos: Founder of SyndicateRoom, Investor-led Equity Crowdfunding

Goncalo de Vasconcelos is the co-founder of SyndicateRoom, a multi-award winning UK online equity investing platform. In this podcast, Goncalo talks openly with Peter Cowley about growing SyndicateRoom using the philosophy 'hire slowly, fire fast', why Invested Investor's are paramount to each company's listing on the website and the advice he has to entrepreneurs looking to raise funding. 

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