Integrity in founders, not taking everything on faith and the dog life of a start-up

Ramona Liberoff is an experienced invested investor with decades of business experience. During her time running teams around the world for tech startups, such as Aqueduct and Movirtu, she built the vast organisational experience that she later used in her role in Innogy Innovation Hub's quest for a free energy network. In this podcast, Ramona discusses the real value of integrity in entrepreneurial teams. She has learnt lessons from both failures and successes, and here describes the qualities required for a good team. She also campaigns for women in investment and has experienced firsthand the struggle to be taken seriously in non-lifestyle businesses.

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Ramona Liberoff has an MA in Anthropology and Art History from Yale University and an MSc in Organizational & Social Psychology from London School of Economics. She is currently chief operating officer of the Innogy Innovation Hub, which backs start-ups in the energy industry. She also invests personally, often through the Angel Academe syndicate. She is passionate about system wide challenges that generate the opportunities of our time such as energy access, electromobility, and the more international development angles for blockchain and new technologies. Ramona is a frequent speaker, mentor, and panel contributor, with a deep network in London and Berlin since 2017.

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