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Emma Sinclair MBE joins us this week, sharing her audacious approach to life and how life lessons helped her to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship, from car parks and health clubs to tech. She explains how her childhood connection with the stock exchange taught her how to be bold and exit driven. Emma founded Enterprise Alumni a platform which enables enterprises to stay in touch with their talent pool and engage former employees. She is the youngest person to take a company public in the world.

Emma states how there is no one-size-fits-all for an entrepreneurial team or formula for winning in life but that it is easier if you have people around you who support you, expressing the importance of trust within her founding team.

Emma goes on to discuss how her sentiments towards work have changed over time and have naturally gravitated towards building communities for the benefits of competition, support and guidance. Emma’s involvement with Unicef as their first business mentor is her largest commitment outside of Enterprise Alumni. Her project teaches entrepreneurship skills in hard to reach places and resonates with her strong belief that “it is important to start things and not be afraid to think big in order to solve problems”.

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Emma Sinclair enterprise software entrepreneur described by Tatler magazine “as a tech head who will be running the universe one day.” Emma is the youngest person to have floated a company in the world, IPO-ing on the London Stock Exchange at the age of 29. Her formative years were spent in M&A before moving into entrepreneurship.

She now co-leads Enterprise Alumni whose software powers the corporate alumni networks of some of the world's largest companies; helping manage Alumni and Retirees to increase talent pools, drive sales and business development and reduce internal costs. Enterprise Alumni are very proud to be the world's first scaling tech company with 50/50 gender balanced ownership.

Emma is UNICEF’s first Business Mentor, she believes entrepreneurship can change the world and that the programme embodies her belief that teaching basic business skills can change the course of someone's life. She now advises on business and innovation. Emma conceived and launched UNICEF’s first crowdfund for Innovation Labs in Refugee Camps in 2017.

Emma says “No bio of mine would be complete without mentioning the five stars I gained at my first job at 16 at McDonalds”.

Emma was selected by The Telegraph in 2012 to launch the business column in the Wonder Women section. She now regularly contributes to other papers and commentates on business for TV and radio. She also speaks at events and conferences on subjects ranging from business and entrepreneurialism to innovation and diversity across Europe, the USA and Asia.

In 2016 Emma was awarded an MBE for Entrepreneurship.

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