Changing the world through generosity of spirit

Suse Reynolds is welcomed to the Invested Investor for this week’s podcast. Suse shares with us her childhood dream of wanting to change the world and what lead her from a career in diplomacy to immerse herself in New Zealand’s angel investing space with the sole aim of creating world changing businesses. Suse founded and is the Executive Director of the Angel Association of New Zealand (AANZ), sits on the board of Creative HQ, co-founded Angel HQ and is a member of VicLinks momentum Investment Committee.

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Suse Reynolds is the Executive Director of Angel Association NZ.

Suse has been on the AANZ Council since its inception in 2008 and took up the Executive Director role five years ago. Angel Association NZ is the industry representative body for early stage investment. Currently the AANZ has 30 plus members including 12 angel networks spanning the country, 4 funds, 2 equity crowd-funding platforms and the investor-led tech incubators.

In 2005 Suse helped to found AngelHQ, the Wellington region’s angel network and remains on the Board. Today AngelHQ has over 80 members and has invested over $20m into 68 high-growth start-up companies. Suse is an active angel investor with about 20 ventures in her portfolio.  

Suse is on the board of CreativeHQ. She is a member of VicLink’s Momentum Investment Committee. She is also a member of the Institute of International Affairs Standing Committee. And a committee member of the Wellington branch of the Institute of Directors. Suse is also a judge for the High Tech Awards. And was recently appointed to Matu Ventures Investment Committee.

Prior to her roles in angel investment, Suse was the Chief Operating Officer and General Manager Investment at Grow Wellington. Before taking up these positions, she was the Executive Director of the Trade Liberalisation Network. This followed a 10 year career with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade which included working for the Foreign Minister and a posting in London representing New Zealand’s trade and economic interests.

Suse has a Bachelor of Commerce and an Honours Law Degree, both completed at Victoria University.

She has two gorgeous teenage children, an ancient Tonkinese cat and an over exuberant golden lab and lives at the foot of Mt Kaukau in Wellington where she remains a staunch Crusaders rugby supporter.

Produced by Mark Cotton, Twitter.

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An article in the Academic Journal - In search of happiness: Suse Reynolds argues that globalisation in the form of increased international trade is the path to greater economic and social well-being.