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Katy Tuncer, serial founder and leadership coach is this week’s guest on the Investor Invested podcast we are delighted to welcome her back. As the founder of Horizon37, Katy explains her philosophy and approach to leadership coaching and talks us through her vision. Horizon37 offers leadership coaching, board facilitation, strategic consultancy, bespoke workshops and courses for high impact, senior leaders, entrepreneurs, angels, founders, and Invested Investors. Katy is a recognised inspiration, having gained the Prime Ministers’ Point of Light award in 2016 and, in 2014, being listed in the BBC top 100 women list.

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Katy Tuncer is a Cambridge 1st class NatSci grad and a former McKinsey consultant. She works in Cambridge as a business coach and board facilitator. She is also a tech entrepreneur in her own right.

A big supporter of the Invested Investor project, Katy loves the early stage tech business ecosystem.

She coaches leaders on both sides of the deal: investors (Angels and VCs) and entrepreneurs. She facilitates her clients to engage a wide network of supporters – including mentors, advisors, and peers – to complement her work as a coach.

Katy’s clients make ground-breaking shifts in their personal impact as leaders. They get things to happen and people to follow in ways that they, and others, never thought possible. They unstick habits, beliefs and behaviours that they had been resigned to.

She uses mindset-led methodologies backed with practical tools for leadership that she has tested, refined and applied with clients over the years. But to Katy, every client is unique, and so every coaching engagement is bespoke. Above all, her clients make the best of their brilliance and achieve the results that matter to them and their businesses.

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Horizon37 coaches are selected for their outstanding results, each one brings a unique expertise and style to coaching, and a bespoke service for clients. We don't offer standardised or formulaic coaching. We do promise to make a tangible positive difference for the individual client and the business.”