The clock isn't always ticking

Inger Anson shares her commercial perspective on legal counsel in business and early-stage investing in this weeks’ acutely insightful and useful podcast. Inger is a partner and the gregarious, head of the Cambridge office of Harrison Clark Rickerbys Ltd which is well located to meet the needs of the Cambridge scientific and biotech ecosystem. Along with the highest levels of integrity, Inger offers a level of transparency and trust that simplifies and eases the legal process, and enables clients to gain confidence in her.

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I create new beginnings for businesses and help my clients to realise their ultimate goals – whether that’s selling their business, or helping them access the resources they need to grow their company.

When you work with me, I embed myself into your transaction team and take all the ‘legal stuff’ off your plate, making sure that you feel comfortable and confident, understand what you’re getting, and know how much you’re going to pay for it. More recently, I’ve been working with emerging technology companies, such as robotics specialists and imaging software developers, and I love helping bright, young companies to reach their potential.

I’m driven to do the best work I can for every client. Once I’ve worked with a client, I won’t lose them – they’ll turn to me when they’re ready for the next stage, and recommend me to their peers, colleagues and associates.

Produced by Mark Cotton, Twitter.

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