The redefinition of personalised marketing

This week at the Invested Investor podcast, we are pleased to be joined by the personable, Ofri Ben-Porat. Co founder and CEO of the highly successful and innovative, London based, SaaS data analytical and personalised marketing company, Pixoneye. He shares his varied journey from college campus to his current success and lets us in on his top three, valuable tips; think big and raise big, hold onto your tech, keep it in-house and share the burden with a valued co founder. We hope you enjoy listening to Ofri as much as we have.

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Ofri is Israeli born, Belgium raised and US grown. Following a year at a Rhode Island college pursuing a theatre and dance degree, Ofri returned to Israel to join the IDF, where he served as a captain of infantry. After 5 years in the Army, he went back to school at the Interdisciplinary Center in Hertzelya, Israel, for a major in political science. His business life came into play in the first years of college, when he founded a student bar in Hertzelya city along side a tourist company specialising in spring breaks in Tel Aviv. From night life to high tech, a few years later, Ofri founded which was a delivery app for students and from there was picked up by the Minister of Tourism of Israel where he served as the senior marketing advisor to the minister. After 2 good years at the ministry, the founding bug came crawling and together with Nadav Israel, he founded Pixoneye (now known as Edgify), and has moved to UK with his wife and their 36Kg Boxer-Lab, Kosherly named Bacon,  to set up the company's head-quarters in London.  

Produced by Mark Cotton, Twitter.

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