Women in investment, investing without a background in finance, and the importance of due diligence

Bridget Connell is an Invested Investor, having started investing four years ago without any financial background, and has completed five deals since. In this episode she explains her hands-on style of investing. She has previously worked in technology, so supports tech startups, and she mentors female investors and entrepreneurs through the syndicate Angel Academe. Bridget is a strong believer in doing due diligence when working on a project; she stays close to each company she works with, and supports them by drawing other investors close as well. She talks here about her desire to see more diversity in the investment world. 

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Bridget started investing after a corporate career including stints at logistics giant DHL and mobile phone operator Telefonica.  She is the Founder of executive coaching consultancy Thinking Partnerships and is a board advisor and mentor to a number of startups.

Produced by Mark Cotton, Twitter.

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