Tech transfer, supporting Cambridge University start-up spin outs

In our first themed podcast, Dr Anne Dobrée, of Cambridge Enterprise, outlines the importance of mentoring start-ups that have spun out of universities and that it is paramount to back the business rather than max the investment.

Anne has worked in University technology commercialisation since 1999. Anne first joined the technology transfer team at the University of Cambridge in 2001, and has held a number of roles with Cambridge Enterprise and its predecessors including Head of Technology Transfer and Interim Director.

Anne joined the Seed Funds team in 2008 and was appointed Head of Seed Funds in 2011. During her time at CE, Anne has supported many early stage companies and served on the boards of Pneumacare, Cambridge CMOS Sensors, Aqdot and Cambridge Touch Technologies to name a few. Anne was a founding member of Praxis, the UK Technology Transfer Training Programme.

Away from Cambridge Enterprise, Anne has worked in technology transfer at Imperial College Innovations Limited, in pharmaceutical development at Evans Medical, and in pharmaceutical product training at Information Transfer. Anne holds a BSc in Medical Microbiology and a PhD in Immunology.

Produced by Mark Cotton, Twitter.

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