Katy Tuncer: Learn, learn, learn

On her meandering entrepreneurial journey Katy has set up an automatic on-line fitness instructor; an innovative technology solution to infertility; a boutique global consultancy in sport... and many other ventures and community movements. Along the way she has built high-profile Advisory Boards, comprising senior medical figures, business leaders and functional experts, and she has raised both money and support for her ventures in creative and innovative ways. Her results range from global profitability, to meaningful community impact, to down-right failure. 

In this podcast she talks authentically with Peter about her proudest failure, a start-up called Ready Steady Mums. She talks about the lessons she learned and how she brings them into her work today coaching entrepreneurs and other business leaders. 

Katy Tuncer is the APECS accredited Executive Coach and former McKinsey consultant who founded Horizon37. Her services include: (1) Individual and Team Coaching, (2) Strategy-led Facilitation, (3) Leadership Training Courses, Workshops and Seminars.

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Podcast Links:

Horizon37 - Leadership consulting services for high-performing senior business leaders and teams facing something new.

Ready Steady Mums -  is a community movement supported by the Institute of Health Visiting, Health Visitors and other medical professionals working with mothers in pregnancy and beyond. At the heart of Ready Steady Mums we have our Socialcise walking groups.