3 things I look for when making a decision to invest or not - John Halfpenny

John Halfpenny returns to explain the three key elements he looks for in an investment. Having invested in fifteen businesses over thirty years, he has fine-tuned his investment criteria. In this articles he explores his three main reasons for investing or not investing in a business.

1. The business owners must be honest

  • An investment equates to a relationship, and everyone knows that relationships flourish on honesty. The founders must outline exactly what they want from the business as soon as possible. 

2. Has the business thoroughly scrutinised their own idea?

  • The business idea needs to have been verified to a degree of confidence before pitching to investors. Businesses often start without fully scrutinising the product or service. Simply, is it viable? Investors will do their own due diligence on you and the prospective business idea, so do your research extensively before going for investment. 

3. A great team equals a great business

  • There needs to be a strong team in place. As stated in number one, there is need for multiple founders, or at the very least a strong and committed team in place around a single founder. 
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