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The Invested Investor: The new rules for start-ups, scale-ups and angel investing

The most readable business book for angels and entrepreneurs. Written by serial entrepreneur and seasoned angel investor Peter Cowley, this book describes the key ingredients for becoming an Invested Investor and what it takes to work with an Invested Investor, whilst guiding you through the business journey. 

Aimed at angel investors, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in start-ups, The Invested Investor shows what it takes to be an angel investor that adds more than just money and best practice for working with angels. You will learn from the experiences of serial entrepreneurs, seasoned angel investors, and many more from the start-up ecosystem. The book aims to reduce mistakes, increase honesty and create more successful exits. It will guide the reader on how to raise a start-up and build a scale-up.

By pre-ordering now, you will be one of a limited number to receive a signed pre-launch copy of the book, plus access to additional online content.  The book has already been written, and is being copy edited, the cartoons designed, the pages laid out (it is surprisingly difficult to choose a font!), then will be proof read and printed. Your credit/debit card will be charged on pre-order and delivery will be in September (2018).

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The Invested Investor - extract from Chapter 1