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Altruistic, enterprising, human genomic data expert, Repositive CEO

Fiona Nielsen has applied her genetic disease research expertise into two notably successful organisations. First came DNAdigest, a non-profit educator, facilitator and engagee on issues regarding access to genomic data. She then realised that to get funding she needed to create a social enterprise. In this podcast Fiona expresses her reasons for founding Repositive, why she has chosen her board so meticulously, and that if you can't take a no, then don't start a company!

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Start-up Spotlight with Peter Cowley

Peter is passionate about increasing the success rate for early investors and entrepreneurs by sharing the success and war stories from those who have done it before. The Invested Investor Project was set up to achieve this aim.

For more information listen him explaining all about the project here.

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Invested Investor Thoughts: How entrepreneurs should approach Invested Investors

The follow article is a short insight in to Peter Cowley's thoughts on how entrepreneurs should approach investors, which will form part of The Invested Investor book. He talks through how first impressions are paramount to the success of a relationship between entrepreneurs and Invested Investors. Therefore, if an entrepreneur is targeting a specific Invested Investor, they should do a great deal of research on that investor before approaching them. This will help to save the entrepreneur time and effort, as well as the investors too. 

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Goncalo de Vasconcelos: Founder of SyndicateRoom, Investor-led Equity Crowdfunding

Goncalo de Vasconcelos is the co-founder of SyndicateRoom, a multi-award winning UK online equity investing platform. In this podcast, Goncalo talks openly with Peter Cowley about growing SyndicateRoom using the philosophy 'hire slowly, fire fast', why Invested Investor's are paramount to each company's listing on the website and the advice he has to entrepreneurs looking to raise funding. 

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Andy Phillipps: Active Hotels, via, to Angel Investing PART ONE

Excitingly, Invested Investor Andy Phillipps joined Peter Cowley for a two part podcast. In part one, Andy explains how he established the hotel booking company, Active Hotels, alongside his co-founder and cousin Adrian Critchlow. Active Hotels grew rapidly, bought by Priceline and merged with Bookings BV to become Andy's business model transformed the UK online hotel market and continues to lead global trends. Having successfully exited to Priceline, Andy describes how he approached the topic of aquisition, and then how he apporached the acquirers. Part two follows his transition into Angel Investing, what he learnt and his top tips for those looking to become Invested Investors.

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Peter Cowley: A serial entrepreneur and invested investor. Watch 'what he wished he'd known a decade ago'

Peter Cowley is a serial entrepreneur and professional angel investor, making him a leading Invested Investor.

Having set up over 10 companies and invested in over 60 startups, Peter was named UK Business Angel of the Year 2014/15 and Best Angel of the World by the World Business Angel Investment Forum in February 2017.

Watch him explain 'what he wished he'd known a decade ago' at a 2017 Dorset Business Angels event, in association with the UK Business Angels Association.

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Katy Tuncer: Learn, learn, learn

In this podcast Katy Tuncer talks authentically with Peter about her proudest failure, a start-up called Ready Steady Mums. She talks about the lessons she learned and how she brings them into her work today coaching entrepreneurs and other business leaders. 

Ready Steady Mums is a community movement supported by the Institute of Health Visiting, Health Visitors and other medical professionals working with mothers in pregnancy and beyond.

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Alex Schey: A journey from the Pan-American highway to hybrid buses

Alex Schey co-founded Vantage Power. Peter and Alex chat about how Vantage Power took shape, the importance of a business plan and much more. 

Vantage power designs and manufactures technology used in hybrid powertrains for new buses, as well as a retrofit solution for buses already on the road. Vantage Power's most recent award came in the form of the 'Most Distruptive Tech' at the UK British Angels Assocation awards 2017.


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